Insurance Advice

Quantity surveyors may choose to pursue their career in the field of construction insurance. Construction insurance is one of the specialisations for construction professionals from various disciplines such as quantity surveyors and engineers who have attained the basic knowledge of the construction industry . The construction insurance professionals work in different capacities in different organisations; examples include:

- insurance administration personnel working for contractors/developers/ consultants/public entities/government/insurers/or other employers;
- loss adjusters for loss adjusting firms on behalf of the insurers; 
- underwriting personnel for insurance brokers/insurers; and
- risk assessment personnel for insurance broker/insurers.

The benefits of obtaining insurance advice from a quantity surveyor for:
- all rounded advice on contractual matters, cost conscious, and with proficiency in construction activities; and
- better communication with relevant parties among insurers/employers/loss
adjusters/contractors, which otherwise, would be less efficient if handled by a general insurance practitioners.

The construction insurance field is one of the specialised areas in which the quantity surveyor can consider employment. However, relevant working experience, on-the-job training together with appropriate professional qualification in insurance aspects would certainly be of benefit.