QSD Chairman's Message

Discussion of Contractual BIM with DevB and ACQS (26 February 2024)

On 26 February, Sr Sunny Choi, Chairman of the QSD Digitalisation Sub-committee, and three members of the Sub-committee (Sr Dr Paul Ho, Sr Katherine Shum, and Kelvin Kuo) met with DevB representatives Mr Alan Tang [PAS (Works)], Mr Alfred Lee [CAS (Works)], and Ms Sandy Fong [AS (Works Policies 3)] to discuss the goal of including BIM models in tender information and making them contractually binding. This goal was outlined in the DevB Technical Circular (Works) 2/2021 (updated on 13 June 2023). 

Sr William Fong, Chairman of the Association of Consultant Quantity Surveyors (ACQS), and four members (Sr Thomas Ho, Sr Peter Ng, Sr Kenneth Poon, and Sr KC Tang) joined this discussion.
Both the QSD and ACQS support the implementation of contractual BIM, as it promotes the creation of high-quality BIM models. The discussion encompassed several topics including the potential for increased liability for designers and BIM model authors, the necessity of implementing BIM by phase or discipline, the inclusion of additional drawings in BIM projects, the determination of bounded and unbounded information within BIM models, etc...

Message from QSD Chairman – March 2024 (whole message)