Date Division Events Organizer
1 Dec, 2021 HKIS Test event - don't register (NO REFUND) The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors
30 Nov, 2021 HKIS Test event 1 - don't register (NO REFUND) The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors
23 Oct, 2021 QSD HKIS QSD Conference 2021 - Forging Ahead Practical Solutions in Quantity Surveying
12 Oct, 2021 BSD Building Surveyors Conference 2021 - Sailing Amidst the New Normal
30 Sep, 2021 YSG Dispute resolution in the Greater Bay Area Young Surveyors Group
25 Sep, 2021 HKIS HKIS Annual Conference 2021 - Surveying into New Reality
23 Sep, 2021 LSD Charting of the Hong Kong Water Land Surveying Division
15 Sep, 2021 BSD Chance favors the prepared mind Building Surveying Division
9 Sep, 2021 QSD QSD PQSL Estimating Series 2021 (3) – Cost Planning and Control Quantity Surveying Division
30 Aug, 2021 QSD Overview of MTRCL Target Cost Form of Contract and its Critical Comparison with NEC4 ECC Form of Contract Quantity Surveying Division
28 Aug, 2021 BSD Processing of Plan submissions by the Buildings Department Building Surveying Division
28 Aug, 2021 QSD QSD Social Event – Bubble Soap Workshop Quantity Surveying Division
25 Aug, 2021 BSD, YSG How to inspect the drainage system of the old buildings Building Surveying Division and Young Surveyors Group
23 Aug, 2021 QSD QSD PQSL Contract Administration Series 2021 (6) – Sharing of Construction Contract Administration and Provisions for Defective Works Quantity Surveying Division
21 Aug, 2021 PDD PDD PQSL Short Course - Development Appraisal and Viability Study Planning & Development Division
21 Aug, 2021 YSG Glass Series (1) – Is the Building Exterior Façade Designed for Safety? Young Surveyors Group
18 Aug, 2021 PFMD Sharing on the latest development of tri-generation with a case of its application in a high rise commercial building in Hong Kong Property and Facility Management Committee
17 Aug, 2021 HKIS MTR New Projects - Opportunities and Challenges MTR Corporation
16 Aug, 2021 BSD Procurement and Management of Contractors Building Surveying Division
14 Aug, 2021 PDD PDD PQSL Short Course - Building Control 2 (Existing Buildings) Sharing the professional experience Planning & Development Division
14 Aug, 2021 BSD BSD channel 特約:開則無難度 Building Surveying Division
11 Aug, 2021 HKIS BEYOND GREEN WITH iBEAM – Introductory Talk of BEAM Plus Automation Assessment System The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors
11 Aug, 2021 GPD The nonlinear relationship between price and office attributes in Hong Kong General Practice Division
10 Aug, 2021 QSD QSD PQSL Specialization Series 2021 (3) – How QS to prepare for an arbitration? Quantity Surveying Division
7 Aug, 2021 PDD PDD PQSL Short Course - Land Administration Planning & Development Division
5 Aug, 2021 GPD What does "house" mean in Government Leases? It all depends on "context"! General Practice Division
4 Aug, 2021 PDD Urban Trees Concerning Property Development and Management Planning & Development Division
31 Jul, 2021 GPD GPD APC Structured Learning Programme 2021- Transaction by Private Treaty, Sale and Letting, or Auction & Tender General Practice Division
31 Jul, 2021 PDD PDD PQSL Short Course - Building Control and Regulation 1 (New Building) Planning & Development Division
30 Jul, 2021 PDD Walk Des Voeux Road Central project to be carried in September Planning & Development Division