President's Message (May 2022)

There are good signs that we are bringing COVID-19 under control and with summer in all its glory upon us. Events are gradually resuming, although most are held in virtual format. On 28 April, I took part in the Green Building Award 2021 on behalf of the Institute, which is a supporting organisation of the award. This presentation ceremony was a virtual event held in real-time. A fortnight earlier, I spent a very informative hour virtually at the International Valuations Standards Council Advisory Forum Working Group meeting getting up to date on the impact of global marketing trends on valuations.

Members may recall the 500 boxes of anti-epidemic proprietary Chinese medicines donated by the Bureau for Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao Affairs of Qingyuan. They are now available to those who are in need. Please feel free to contact the administration office, while stocks last.

President Message – May 2022 (whole message)