President's Message (August 2023)

I must begin with sad news and I am sure you share my sorrow. Mr Michael Mann, our President from 1993 to 1995, passed away on 23 July in the United Kingdom. We are grateful for his contributions and support of both the Institute and profession. Sr Chau Bing-che, Henry, Building Surveying Division Council member, passed away in a traffic accident this month. We ask all members to support his family. 
It has been a busy month and as always I am pleased to share where my presidency has taken me. And with summer winding down, we look forward to an equally eventful autumn when key events and activities make welcome returns since the pandemic.
Government policy advice
The HKIS is backing the Government’s development plan to make the San Tin Technopole into an Innovation and Technology hub for the Northern Metropolis following a public consultation. On 9 August we and other six professional institutes held a press conference and issued a joint statement to that effect. The HKIS also presented our own paper that we hope will contribute to the zone’s success, including views on competitive land premium, flexibility in planning and land deeds and the participation of private enterprises. Our view alone emphasises building a university as the area’s research centre.

President Message – August 2023 (whole message)