Our History

When HKIS Building Surveying Division was set up in 1985, the total number of building surveyors was only 119. Whilst the total number of building surveyors as at February 2017 stood at 1247, which is an increase of about 10 times. In the past 32 years, the Division organised many conferences and visits, and issued many publications to promote the service and image of building surveying profession. Following is a summary of the Division's important activities:

Important Events

04/1985 Election of the 1st Building Surveying Divisional Council
06/1985 1st issue of the Hong Kong Building Surveyors Newsletter
06/1986 Exhibition "What is a Professional Building Surveyors?" held at Landmark
01/1987 1st Building Surveyors Conference "Crisis and Survival" held at Riverside Plaza in Shatin
02/1987 1st meeting of the Building Surveying Divisional Education Committee
01/1988 2nd Building Surveyors Conference "Fitness of Buildings" held at Hilton Hotel
11/1988 First publication of "A Manpower Study of Qualified Building Surveyors in Hong Kong"
01/1989 3rd Building Surveyors Conference "Building Control: The Way Ahead" held at Excelsior Hotel
01/1990 4th Building Surveyors Conference "Management of Maintenance" held at Victoria Hotel
01/1991 5th Building Surveyors Conference "Safety of Buildings" held at Grand Plaza Hotel
06/1991 First publication of "Standard Fee Scale for Building Surveying Services" and booklet "樓宇病態知多少?"
01/1992 6th Building Surveyors Conference "Efficient Buildings" held at Marriott Hotel
03/1993 7th Building Surveyors Conference "Vision and Mission-The Changing Roles of Building Surveyors" held at Conrad Hotel
03/1994 1st Briefing Over Weekend Lunch held at US Recreation Club
04/1994 8th Building Surveyors Conference "Zero Defect Buildings-Quality Assurance throughout the Building Cycle" held at Gold Coast Hotel
09/1995 9th Building Surveyors Conference "PRC Property Development" held at the City University of Hong Kong
11/1996 10th Building Surveyors Conference "Build Environment at the Cross Road" held at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre; jointly organized with WOBO
04/1997 Establishment of Building Safety Concern Group and appointment of "Building Doctors" to monitor the social problem of building related disasters
11/1997 11th Building Surveyors Conference "Rejuvenation of Building Surveying Skills-Towards a Better Built Environment" held at Royal Plaza Hotel
02/1998 Publication of "A New Building Surveying Services Brochure"
10/1998 12th Building Surveyors Conference "Safety and Health Hazards in Buildings" held at Great Eagle Hotel
11/1998 1st nomination of Distinguished Building Surveyors to 8 fellow members: Raymond A Bates, Michael R Mann, Raymond W M Cheng, Daniel C L Lam, Barnabas H K Chung, Lau Chi Keung, David Chris T H Lee, and Peter B Wong.
10/1999 13th Building Surveyors Conference "Managing 21st Century Building Facilities" held at JW Marriott Hotel
11/1999 1st publication of the refereed Building Surveying Journal
10/2000 14th Building Surveyors Conference "Moving Forward with Modern Technologies" held at JW Marriot Hotel
11/2000 2nd nomination of Distinguished Building Surveyors to 5 fellow members: Richard K H Cheung, Eddie S S Lee, Kenneth J K Chan, David W W Chan and Samson S Wong.
10/2001 15th Building Surveyors Conference "Managing Social and Cultural Changes-Challenges and Opportunities" held at JW Marriott Hotel
10/2002 16th Building Surveyors Conference 2002 "Revitalization of Built Environment" held at JW Marriott Hotel
11/2002 3rd nomination of Distinguished Building Surveyors to 4 fellow members: Raymond Y M Chan, David Connell, Jeffrey R Dobbing, Mike C W Wong.
06/2003 First publication of two booklets "適時維修, 安枕無憂" and "保障家居的衛生, 認識排水更安心" after SARS
10/2003 17th Building Surveyors Conference 2003 "Servicing our Buildings to Serve" held at Conrad Hotel
02/2004 First publication of "'Building Dilapidation and Rejuvenation in Hong Kong" together with City University of Hong Kong Press
10/2004 18th Building Surveyors Conference 2004 "Commercial Premises: Participation and Contribution of Building Professionals" held at JW Marriott Hotel
03/2005 Commence negotiation with China Association of Engineering Consultants (CAEC) for mutual recognition
10/2005 19th Building Surveyors Conference 2005 "Anatomy of Licensed Premises and Professional Practice" held at Harbour Plaza Hotel
11/2005 Responded to the Consultation Paper on Mandatory Building Inspection Scheme (MBIS) and proposed Building Affair Tribunal framework to the Government.
06/2006 Signing Ceremony for Mutual Recognition Agreement with the China Association of Engineering Consultant was held in Beijing
09/2006 20th Building Surveyors Conference 2006 "20 Years in Retrospect: The Prospects" at Four Seasons Hotel
03/2007 First publication of "Practice Guidelines for the Survey of Residential Property"
09/2007 21st Building Surveyors Conference 2007 "Future Development in Hong Kong - Foresight, Innovation & Sustainability" held at Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks
10/2007 First publication of "準業主收樓指南"
11/2007 4th nomination of Distinguished Building Surveyors to fellow member: Wai M W Chan
04/2008 1st Planned Maintenance Conference was held at Mongkok Community Hall with the launching educational video: "物業保值有何良策, 樓宇維修及早計劃"
05/2008 First publication of "Agreement for the Appointment of Building Surveyors 建築測量師聘任協議書"
08/2008 First publication of "Flat Inspection Guide"
09/2008 22nd Building Surveyors Conference 2008 "Cultural Changes in Building Maintenance" held at Harbour Plaza Hotel.
11/2008 First publication of "裝飾、維修及保養工程 標準合約"
08/2009 First publication of "Guide to Prepare a Building Maintenance Manual"
09/2009 23rd Building Surveyors Conference 2009 "Building a Green and Sustainable Future" held at Harbour Plaza Hotel
12/2009 First publication of "General Specification for Building Maintenance Works in Residential Buildings"
02/2010 Organized Building Inspection Voluntary Team to provide consultancy services on the condition of aged residential buildings
10/2010 24th Building Surveyors Conference 2010 "The 21st Century Building Maintenance Trend" held at Harbour Plaza Hotel
01/2011 First launch of "HKIS Building Surveying Scholarship for Secondary School Students".
08/2011 First publication of “Guide to Prepare An Expert Report for Application Under Land (Compulsory Sale for Redevelopment) Ordinance, Chapter 545
10/2011 25th Building Surveyors Conference 2011 “Built Environment: Health and Safety” with conference dinner held at Hotel ICON
10/2011 5th Nomination of Distinguished Building Surveyors to 3 fellow members: Daniel C.W. Ho, Edwin H.K. TANG & Kenneth Y.K. YUN
06/2012 Launch "HKIS Building Surveying and Eddie Lee Memorial Education Foundation Scholarship for Secondary School Students".
10/2012 First "MBIS & MWIS Workshop" held at Caritas Community Hall and launched publication of "Guide to MBIS"
10/2012 26th Building Surveyors Conference 2012 "Readiness for Tomorrow" held at J.W. Marriot Hotel.
01/2013 Second "MBIS & MWIS Workshop" held at Hong Kong Federation of Youth Group Building
02/2013 Joint ceremony of HKIS Building Surveying and Eddie Lee Memorial Education Foundation Scholarship for Secondary School Student.
06/2013 Second publication of "準業主收樓指南" and renamed as "準業主買樓、收樓及裝修指南"
08/2013 First publication of "Professional Guide to Building Inspections Volume 1: Pre-1980 Residential & Composite Buildings in Hong Kong"
09/2013 27th Building Surveyors Conference 2013 "Quality Living for the Next Generation"
09/2014 Proposed to establish the Building Repair & Maintenance Works Authority (樓宇維修工程監管局).
10/2014 First publication of “Professional Guide to Water Seepage : Investigation, Diagnosis, Testing & Reporting in Residential Buildings.
10/2014 28th Building Surveyors Conference 2014 "Essential and Evolving Expertise of Building Surveyors" held at Crowne Plaza Hong Kong.
11/2014 6th Nomination of Distinguished Building Surveyors to 2 Fellow members: C.K. AU and Vincent K.Y. HO.
10/2015 29th Building Surveyors Conference 2015 "Buildiing Surveying with no Boundary" held at Crowne Plaza Hong Kong.
05/2016 Organized Building Surveying Volunteer Team to provide preliminary green roof inspection services to schools.
09/2016 Reiterated the proposed Building Repair and Maintenance Works Authority (樓宇維修工程監管局).
10/2016 30th Building Surveyors Conference 2016 "Innovative Technologies in Building Surveying" held at Harbour Grand Hong Kong.