Code : 2024121
Event Name : Site Visit to St. Stephen's College Heritage Trail
CPD Code : Formal Events
Event Date : 2024-06-29
Event Time : 11:00 am -1:00 pm
Registration Closing Date : 2024-06-22
CPD Hour(s) : 2
Venue : St. Stephen's College
Division : YSG
Organizer : Young Surveyors Group
Fee : Free of Charge for members
Priority : YSG Members; first-come-first-served
Language : Cantonese
Details :

St. Stephen's College, founded in 1903, has a long and distinguished history. The School House, which began construction in 1928 and was officially opened in 1930, is recognized as a declared monument. It takes the shape of the letter H, with the school library at its heart. This architectural marvel combines elements of the Greek Parthenon style, popular in Britain and Europe at that time, with unique Chinese design features. The two-story building features grand pillars, arches, and verandas, complemented by a traditional Chinese pitched roof that suits Hong Kong's subtropical climate. The first floor houses classrooms and staff rooms, while the second floor serves as the student dormitory. The library's roof appears sloped from the outside and it reveals a captivating dome-like shape inside. This architectural blend of a pointed exterior and a rounded interior is rarely seen in the modern world.

Connected to the School House is the Martin Hostel, an esteemed Grade II historical building in St Stephen’s College. The three-story structure was built by using granite stones and seamlessly fuses Chinese and Western architectural styles. It features eye-catching arches and welcoming verandas. The Martin Hostel also features a Chinese-style sloped roof, designed for an efficiently rainwater drainage system and adapt to Hong Kong's humid climate. The ground floor of the building now serves as a laundry room, dining hall, and staff quarters, while the second and third floors has changed to the boys’ dormitory.

Another noteworthy Grade II historical building on campus is the Old Laboratory, established in 1930. Initially serving as a laboratory for students, it has been repurposed as staff quarters. Its historical significance is further honored by the road named "Old Lab Road." Throughout the campus, several bungalows, once used for residential purposes, are scattered. Each of these bungalows holds the esteemed Grade II historical status. Bungalows 1, 2, and 5 have been transformed into staff quarters, while Bungalow 3 proudly showcases St. Stephen's heritage gallery. Bungalow 4 serves as the heritage learning annex, providing a unique space for educational activities and exploration.

Please visit St Stephen’s College Heritage Trial for further details.


9:30 – Gather at Central (Exchange Square) Bus Terminus near Hong Kong Station Exit A2, then take Bus No. 6/6X/260 and get off in St. Stephen's College, Tung Tau Wan Road.

10:45 – Arrive at St. Stephen's College & meet up with representatives in the Main Entrance of St Stephen’s College       

11:00 – Start visiting St Stephen’s College Heritage Trial

(Spots included: The sculpture, School House, Main Hall, Special Room Block, Martin Hostel, The Chapel, Centenary Building and Garden, The Big Field, Stanley Military Cemetery, The Heritage Gallery)

13:00 – End and Dismiss  

Remarks :

PQSL hours shall be determined by the APC candidate's respective Division.

1. Online registration is accepted for this CPD event. First-come-first-served with duly completed Standard Reservation Form and Declaration Form.

2. All participating members shall arrange their own transport to the gather point.

3. While HKIS will arrange for insurance policy for the participants, members may consider taking out their own insurance policy to cover their own risks.

4. Latecomers will NOT be picked up and will NOT be allowed to join the visit.

Payment : HKD 0
Face-to-Face/Zoom : Face-to-Face