Code : 2021079
Event Name : GPD APC Structured Learning Programme 2021
CPD Code : Structured learning and programmes
Event Date : 2021-05-22
Event Time : 9:00 am - 12:00 nn for AM session (except 10 July & 17 July 2021) or 2:00 - 5:00 pm for PM session (except 17 July 2021)
Registration Closing Date : 2021-05-15
CPD Hour(s) : 40
Divisional PQSL Hour(s) : 40
Venue : By online media – ZOOM / Surveyors Learning Centre (so long as the situation allows)
Division : GPD
Organizer : General Practice Division
Fee : For GPD Probationers only: HK$3,200 for all lectures / HK$720 – 1,040 per Subject (please refer to the table) / HK$240 per 3-hour lecture, HK$160 per 2-hour lecture; For members of other Divisions: HK$400 per session (3 hours)
Priority : GPD Probationers; first come first served
Language : English / Chinese
Details :

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Remarks :
  1. Online reservation/Paypal is not accepted for this event.
  2. Priority: GPD probationers and first come first served with payment
  3. Deadline for registration of all sessions package (HK $3,200): 15 May 2021
  4. Deadline for registration of any Subject or any single session: One week prior to the event date
  5. Fee: HK$3,200 for all sessions or HK$720 – 1,040 per Subject Area (pls refer to the above table) or $240 per session for Probationers, $400 per session for members of other Divisions
  6. The event will be conducted online via ZOOM, and resumed to face-to-face meetings in the Surveyors Learning Centre when the situation allows. Successful registrants will be notified separately via email with the web link to the online event in due course.
  7. The Zoom online CPD/PQSL courses cannot be recorded for personal use or transmitted to third parties. Participants are prohibited from sharing, forwarding, publishing, and distributing any content of the learning materials, including the contents from any presenters/speakers without the permission of the presenter/speaker and the HKIS.
  8. For the purposes of counting attendance etc., participants are required to comply with some prescribed rules in attending the Zoom online meetings.  The prescribed rules will be released in due course.
Payment : HKD