Message from LSD Chairman (June 2022)

Land Surveyors and BIM (Part I)
In this and the next issue, I will discuss BIM, which is a newly-added area of specialisation in this revision. While I believe that BIM is still a relatively new technology to most HKIS members, the Institute is still exploring how it can further increase cost and time efficiencies in each surveying specialty. An LSD member may ask, “What is the role of land surveyors in BIM adoption throughout the project life cycle of a construction project?” To answer this question, I have invited two Fellow members, Sr Michael Wong and Sr Ricky Lai, to share their experiences in dealing with BIM in their work lives and their views on the role of land surveyors in BIM adoption from a contractor and client’s points of view, respectively. In this issue, Michael will share his knowledge with members.

Message from LSD Chairman - June 2022 (whole message)